Patch Notes: Version 1.45C


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.45C Release Notes


This is a small update that contains three fixes to problems found in version 1.45.

- Objects that buff stats that affect a spellcasters power pool (i.e. the amount of spells they can cast) were not working. They have been fixed, so now all items that you had that increased your power pool (+int items for mages, +cha items for bards, etc.) are working again.

- Archers who did not max-specialize in Critical Shot were doing far less damage than they should have been when performing a Critical Shot against monsters or enemy players. This has been fixed. Remember, however, in 1.45 we reduced in general the amount of Critical Shot damage against higher-level enemies. This bug fix does not affect that change.

- We've taken steps to address problems players have when zoning into dungeons (falling through floors, etc.).

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