Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.30 Release Notes

October 15, 2001


NEW SERVER - Kay was brought up this morning and is now available for your gaming pleasure.

BUG FIXES - Some Thanes who didn't train in their Hammer skill as a Viking (their pre-5th level class) did not receive their proper Hammer level 2 combat style (Thor's Anvil). This has been fixed. All Thanes should now have this style if they have at least 2 trains in Hammer.

WORLD NOTES - A new Hibernian horse route has been added : E. Lough Derg (farm) to Ardagh. - Minor Faction Adjustment - Midgard. The hobgoblins in and around Gotar and Myrkwood have joined Clan Smyga. - For races that start in Howth (Hibernia), an optional, shorter "Learn the Paths" Level One quest has been added. Players will now be given an opportunity to complete the quest without having to travel too great of a distance. Those currently on the quest can go back and choose this option. - The merchant Kylie in Shannon Estuary (Hibernia) will no longer spawn in the water. - Sentinel Maitias (Hibernia) will now attack monsters. - The resistances of Plate type monsters, Chitin monsters (Insects), and Ice monsters have been adjusted: - Plate and Chitin monsters now have no innate bonus or resistance to thrusting weapons. - Ice monsters are now vulnerable to thrusting weapons.

OBJECT NOTES - Keltoi Lair dungeon monsters now drop items as well as cash. Item levels are 21-26. - All newly purchased arrows and poisons should be stackable to 40. - Annoying Lucradens in Hibernia now drop armor.

HELP - If you need basic help playing the game, try the player-run advice system (type /advice). If you have a customer support issue in game, use the appeal command (type /appeal) to get in touch with Customer Support. For web-support, go to

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