How can I get the old icons back in my interface?

With 1.89 we introduced new icon sets for styles, spells, items, and other abilities. We will no longer be supporting the old icon sets. We recognize that some players may wish to use the old icon sets, so we have provided a zip file of the icon sheets: [1][ ]Click on the link above to start the download. Please SAVE the file to your desktop. Once the file has finished downloading, right click on the file and choose "Open With"Choose "Compressed (zipped) Folders"This will open a new window listing all the old icon sheets.Along the left side of this window click on "Extract all files" under "Folder Tasks"If you are using the classic folder view and do not see "Folder Tasks," then click on File up at the top of the window and select "Extract All…"This will start the extraction wizard. Click "Next" to start.Click "Browse"Double click on "My Computer"Double click "Local Disk (C:)"Double click on your DAOC game client directory (by default this is C:Mythic or C:Program filesElectronic Arts)Double click on the game client that you use (Atlantis, Catacombs, Darkness or Labyrinth)Scroll down until you see a folder named "ui". Double click on it to open. Under this ui folder you are looking for a folder named "custom". If it is there, then click it to highlight it and then click "OK".If there is no custom folder under ui, then click "Make New Folder". Name this new folder custom. Click this new folder to highlight and then click "OK".The extraction path should end with ui\customClick "Next" to extract the files to this location.Once the files are extracted, click "Finish" to complete the extraction.Now log into your account with Quick Entry set to "No Thank You"From the Character Selection Screen click "Options".Under Interface change the Skin Choice to Custom.Click "Accept" and log in with a character. The new icons should now be replaced with the old ones.

NOTE: We are providing the old icon sets as a courtesy to our modding community. These old icon sheets will no longer be updated or officially supported by the Camelot team.

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