Quest Start: Timothy the herder
Quest Finish: Edward the Horse trainer

Quest TextEdit


Gather Wild Oats in field west of Holtham by right clicking on them. (You can find them by the red dot on the overview map.) Collect size bunches.


Greatings *class*. 'Tis a wonderful day in the kingdom, is it not?

I wish I didn't have to keep bringing the horses to the oat field to graze, but I just don't have time to gather oats during the day and it's too dangerous at night.

So far, I haven't seen One Eyed Tom. He's the meanest, oldest Lynx in these parts. If he comes, I'm just going to whistle for the horses and run!

You know, if your looking for some work, my brother Edward will pay you to gather wild oats and put them in the loft of the stable. The more oats we have stored, the less I have to bring the horses out here where the lynxes are. Would you help?

Gather six bunches of wild oats.

Speak to Edward for your reward.

Thank ye kindly for your help, *class*. The less time me wee brother spends out there with the Lynxes the better.


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