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Naming Policy

Character and Guild Naming Policy

When creating a character or guild name for Dark Age of Camelot, it is encouraged that you select a name that reflects the medieval time period, and the realm that you are located in. The guidelines listed below outline the types of names that you can NOT use, and apply to both first names and surnames, as well as guild names.

  1. You may not use any names that violate the General Rules and Guidelines. This includes the use of names that are hateful, defamatory, racist, ethnically offensive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, or any other language that is offensive in nature.
  2. You may not use names that are harassing or defamatory to other players or employees of Mythic Entertainment.
  3. You may not use names of any employee of Mythic Entertainment.
  4. You may not use names of copyrighted or trademarked characters, materials or products.
  5. You may not use names from popular culture or media.
  6. You may not use names that are religiously or historically significant.
  7. You may not use proper names of areas within Dark Age of Camelot for character names. Guild names MAY use the proper names of specific areas, to help promote roleplaying and realm pride.
  8. You may not use proper names of NPCs within Dark Age of Camelot.
  9. You may not use names containing titles or ranks within them.
  10. You may not use names that refer to drugs or that are drug related.
  11. You may not use names that contain an inappropriate phrase, sentence or any fragment of a sentence.
  12. You may not use names where a combination of the first and last names violate any of the above rules.
  13. You may not use misspellings or alternative spellings of names that violate any of the above rules.

Naming Policy Enforcement

If you violate any part of the above Naming Policy, these are the steps that will be followed to address the issue.

  1. If you violate items 1 or 2 above, you may be issued a warning on your account, and will be given a new name by one of our CSR staff. You will NOT be contacted in game to discuss this. If you would like to discuss the renaming, please send an e-mail to
  2. For all other types of violations, a CSR will contact you to discuss the manner of the violation, and you will be told to send an e-mail within 24 hours to This e-mail needs to include your account name, the name of the character to be renamed, and your choice of names that you would like us to give you. This is intended to give you the opportunity to think about and choose your new name. If we do not receive a valid name from you within 24 hours, then one will be chosen for you by our CSR staff. If you would like to discuss the renaming, please send an e-mail to

Changing your name

Character and Guild names within DAoC will not be changed unless they violate the Naming Policy.

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