My Appeals are being deleted. Why?

I can honestly say that we have never deleted an appeal. As a matter of fact, the back end tool used by CSR’s to view and work on appeals has no delete function at all. What happens is once an appeal has been escalated, it no longer shows in the players appeal queue view. As appeals can be escalated by a CSR before contact is made In Game, it can appear that the appeal has gone into a black hole. I assure you they are in the system. One thing to note on appeals -- currently, if you are moving and attempt to send in an appeal, the appeal does not come through. This becomes a real pain when a player is stuck continuously falling through the world. While I have been told players should not continuously fall anymore, should you find yourself in this situation please log on an alternate character and send us an appeal. Be sure to choose the stuck category and explain that you have another character stuck, not your alternate.

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