bracket Edit

2233s.png bronze0108
2233s.png iron100510140
2233s.png steel2001510560
2233s.png alloy30025101680
2233s.png fine alloy40035105040
2233s.png mithril500451010080
2233s.png adamantium600551015120
2233s.png asterite700651022680
2233s.png netherium800751034020
2233s.png arcanium900851051030

hinge Edit

2234s.png bronze501016
2234s.png iron1501010280
2234s.png steel25020101120
2234s.png alloy35030103360
2234s.png fine alloy450401010080
2234s.png mithril550501020160
2234s.png adamantium650601030240
2234s.png asterite750701045360
2234s.png netherium850801068040
2234s.png arcanium9509010102060

wrought jewelry box Edit

552s.png bronze25108
552s.png iron125760140
552s.png steel2251760560
552s.png alloy32527601680
552s.png fine alloy42537605040
552s.png mithril525476010080
552s.png adamantium625576015120
552s.png asterite725676022680
552s.png netherium825776034020
552s.png arcanium925876051030

small lantern Edit

2232s.png bronze7526016
2232s.png iron1751260280
2232s.png steel27522601120
2232s.png alloy37532603360
2232s.png fine alloy475426010080
2232s.png mithril575526020160
2232s.png adamantium675626030240
2232s.png asterite775726045360
2232s.png netherium875826068040
2232s.png arcanium9759260102060

gem-studded jewelry box Edit

552s.png bronze75260160
552s.png iron17512602800
552s.png steel275226011200
552s.png alloy375326033600
552s.png fine alloy4754260100800
552s.png mithril5755260201600
552s.png adamantium6756260302400
552s.png asterite7757260453600
552s.png netherium8758260680400
552s.png arcanium97592601020600

Metal Conversion Recipes Edit

193s.png bronze to iron501000144
193s.png iron to steel501000560
193s.png steel to alloy5010001680
193s.png alloy to fine alloy5010005040
193s.png fine alloy to mithril50100010080

Horse Armors Edit

2849s.png Heroic Saddle100095103025750
2847s.png Heroic Light Armor100095103494450
2847s.png Heroic Medium Armor100095103990170
2847s.png Heroic Heavy Armor100095104493180
2849s.png Sinister Saddle100095103273610
2847s.png Sinister Light Armor100095103743380
2847s.png Sinister Medium Armor100095104239100
2847s.png Sinister Heavy Armor100095104508830
2849s.png Mystic Saddle100095104053640
2847s.png Mystic Light Armor100095104490170
2847s.png Mystic Medium Armor100095105007760
2847s.png Mystic Heavy Armor100095105496190

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