I've completed all of the ML steps and my bar is full, why won't the Arbiter talk to me?

If your Master Level Journal shows you have completed all the required encounters for a particular ML and your MLexp bar appears to be full yet the Arbiter will not grant you a new Master Level ability, you may be falling just short of actual 100% MLexp needed.

Here's what is happening: In order for the Arbiter to speak with you they must see you have completed X (100%) MLexp. You, after successfully slaying many Atlantis monsters (or enemy realm players) have tallied up X-1(or2) (99.99%) MLexp. The display differences between 99.99% and 100% are so small, it is hard to tell the difference. A few more monsters or enemy realm players will quickly solve the problem and allow the Arbiter to grant you that new Master Level ability.

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