bridle Edit

578s.png rawhide01013
578s.png tanned100510240
578s.png cured2001510960
578s.png hard30025102880
578s.png rigid40035108640
578s.png embossed500451017280
578s.png imbued600551025920
578s.png runed700651038880
578s.png eldritch800751058320
578s.png tempered900851087480

riding crop Edit

2219s.png rawhide501013
2219s.png tanned1501010240
2219s.png cured2502010960
2219s.png hard35030102880
2219s.png rigid45040108640
2219s.png embossed550501017280
2219s.png imbued650601025920
2219s.png runed750701038880
2219s.png eldritch850801058320
2219s.png tempered950901087480

scabbard Edit

548s.png rawhide251013
548s.png tanned125760240
548s.png cured2251760960
548s.png hard32527602880
548s.png rigid42537608640
548s.png embossed525476017280
548s.png imbued625576025920
548s.png runed725676038880
548s.png eldritch825776058320
548s.png tempered925876087480

saddlebag Edit

560s.png rawhide7526013
560s.png tanned1751260240
560s.png cured2752260960
560s.png hard37532602880
560s.png rigid47542608640
560s.png embossed575526017280
560s.png imbued675626025920
560s.png runed775726038880
560s.png eldritch875826058320
560s.png tempered975926087480

tooled leather saddlebag Edit

560s.png rawhide75260130
560s.png tanned17512602400
560s.png cured27522609600
560s.png hard375326028800
560s.png rigid475426086400
560s.png embossed5755260172800
560s.png imbued6756260259200
560s.png runed7757260388800
560s.png eldritch8758260583200
560s.png tempered9759260874800

Leather Conversion Recipes Edit

195s.png rawhide to tanned50100060
195s.png tanned to cured501000240
195s.png cured to hard501000720
195s.png hard to rigid5010002160
195s.png rigid to embossed5010004320

Horse Saddlebags Edit

560s.png Left Front Saddlebag100095101027890
560s.png Right Front Saddlebag100095101283040
560s.png Left Rear Saddlebag100095101538190
560s.png Right Rear Saddlebag100095101793340

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