During my DAoC installation update I get the following message: "This client cannot update your Dark Age of Camelot installation because a large number of key files are missing or corrupted. Please re-install the game from your installation CD and try again." What must I do?

When a large number of files are missing from your installation, Dark Age of Camelot requires you to re-install the game from the CD. If you should receive this error, please reinstall the game completely from the CD, as those are the pertinent files that the client is looking for.

This error message can also appear when the amount of updates you need to receive via the updater is larger than the maximum amount of data that it is allowed to transfer. If you have already reinstalled and are still getting the same issue, please try visiting <a title="this page" href="">this page</a> and downloading the appropriate patch for your version of the game.

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