There are various different types of item in the game, they will determine which slot the item can be stored in, and which ability is required to use them.


Name Description
104.png Cloth The lightest armor in the game, usually equipped by casters.
105.png Leather A light armor, usually used by stealthers.
163.png Studded A medium armor, usually used by archery classes.
163.png Reinforced A Hibernian unique medium armor.
106.png Chain A heavy armor used by Albion and Midgard
106.png Scale A Hibernian unique heavy armor used by the tanking classes, and Druid.
109.png Plate An Albion unique armor, the heaviest armor in the game.


Name Description
209.png Staves Weapon used by casters for spells and Friar's for melee.
202.png Slashing TODO
205.png Thrusting TODO
211.png Crushing TODO
2532.png Flexible Weapon used by the Reaver and Heretic.
203.png Two Handed TODO
219.png Polearm Albion only Armsman specific offensive heavy weapon.
202.png Blades Hibernian only slashing weapon.
212.png Blunt Hibernian only crushing weapon.
203.png Large Weapons Weapon used used by the hibernian tanking classes
207.png Celtic Spear Weapon used used by the hibernian tanking classes
2533.png Scythe Weapon used used by Valewalker class.
227.png Crossbow Ranged weapon used by Armsman class.
224.png Shortbows Ranged weapon used by Mercenary class.
224.png Longbows Ranged weapon used by Scout class.
224.png Recurved Bows Ranged weapon used by Ranger class.
224.png Composite Bows Ranged weapon used by Hunter class.
200.png Left Axe A Midgard unique dual wielding weapon available to Berserker and Shadowblade only.
224.png Composite Bows Ranged weapon used by Hunter class.
226.png Shield A defensive weapon that can block attacks and hit enemies.
2541.png Mauler Staff Weapon used used by Mauler class.


Name Description
150.png Jewel TODO
2855.png Mythical TODO
141.png Necklace TODO
547.png Belt TODO
143.png Ring TODO
548.png Bracer TODO
119.png Cloak A visible slot on your back.
229.png Instrument TODO
2256.png Poison TODO
168.png Tincture TODO
157.png Spellcraft Gem TODO