Astral Breastplate of the Favored

Torso (Plate)
Quality: 100%

Factor: 102
Absorb: 34%
Magical Bonuses:
  • ALL melee weapon skills:ALL melee: 3 pts
  • Strength: 21 pts

ToA Bonuses:
  • Bonus to Strength attribute bonus cap:Strength cap: 8 pts
  • Bonus to Constitution attribute bonus cap:Constitution cap: 8 pts
  • Bonus to Dexterity attribute bonus cap:Dexterity cap: 8 pts
  • Bonus to melee combat speed:Melee speed: 4%
  • Bonus to melee damage:Melee damage: 4%
  • Bonus to style damage:Style damage: 4%

  • Weight: 6.0 lbs
  • Bonus: 35%
  • Realm: Albion
  • Level: 51
  • Effect Level: 50
  • Bonus Level: 50
Magic Ability: Reproc
Function: omni heal
Heals the target.

Value: 10%
Target: Self
Casting time: instant

Magic Ability: Reproc
Function: heal
Heals the target.

Value: 200
Target: Group
Range: 1000
Casting time: instant

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