Quest Start: Old Man
Quest Finish: Old Man
Leads To: How to Gather Comrades

Quest TextEdit


Continue to speak with the old man about the commands available to you.


From all my years, I can tell you that finding the right command, communication, and finding the right people to surround yourself with will take you a long way. So, shall I tell you a few things about the commands available to you?

The Old Man says, "So you want to know more? Excellent! Knowledge is always a powerful thing. Let me begin by going over the [Command] Window."

The Old Man says, "The command window can be brought up by pressing the Semi-Colon (;) Button. Let me [know] when you have it on your screen."

The Old Man says, "Perfect! Allow me to explain a few of these commands for you now. The Keyboard button will bring up a window that will allow you to set different hot keys, or change your existing hotkeys. The Journal button will bring up your character's Journal. Here you will be able to see the quests you are currently on, and what steps you must take to complete them. Map will bring up a map of your current location, and will also display the location of quest items, creatures, or NPC's."


  • 61 Experience
  • 50 copper

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