I've already completed the old level 50 epics, do I have to do them all over again?

There is a procedure to 'fast track' your way through some of the epics, but not all. You can skip the 5th through 25th level epics.

In order to accomplish this, talk to your trainer. He will offer you the level 5 epic quest, and you will need to accept this. Once you've accepted the level 5 epic, another dialog box will appear, offering to give you the chance to start from the beginning, at level 5, or go the advanced route, starting at level 30.

The keyword to click on for starting at the beginning is [level 5].

The keyword to start at the level 30 epic quest is [advanced].

Note that if you have never completed the old level 50 epic, you will not be able to fast track. You will be required to do all of the epic quests from the beginning.

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