Hafheim is the starting zone for all Midgard Characters, it it designed for Levels 1 to 10.


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Hibernian invaders have landed west of Hafheim and Albion forces are sieging Thorsa Faste.

Name Level NPC
Quest:Welcome to Midgard! 1 Geirvir the Wise
Quest:Wild Boar Threat 1 Geirvir the Wise
Quest:Freja the Valkyrie Trainer 2 Brodira
Quest:Valkyrie Specializations 2 Freja
Quest:Return to Gythja Brodira 2 Freja
Quest:Blackfang (Midgard) 3 Brodira
Quest:In Defense of Hafheim 5 General Acheren
Quest:Eliminating the Celts 6 Eylimi
Quest:Upgrading Your Weapon 7 General Acheren
Quest:The King's Call (Midgard) 7 General Acheren
Quest:Invaders from the South 7 Commander Hreldan
Quest:Off with Their Heads 7 Captain Thorrek
Quest:Reclaiming Thorsa Faste 9 Captain Thorrek
Quest:Status Report (Midgard) 9 Jarl Thorsa
Quest:Onward to Mularn 10 General Acheren

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