There are currently seven Expansions for Dark Age of Camelot, five of which originally had to be bought separately but are now free downloads. Below is a list of expansions showing release date and a summary of introduced features.

Classic boxart
Oct 10, 2001
3 Cities
30 PvE Zones
12 RvR Zones
16 Dungeons
12 Races
32 Classes
Shrouded Isles boxart
Nov 12, 2002 (US)
Feb 2003 (EU)
21 New Zones
9 New Dungeons
3 New Races
6 New Classes
Trials of Atlantis boxart
October 28, 2003 (US)
Feb 2004 (EU)
14 New Zones
6 New Dungeons
3 New Races
Master Levels
Foundations boxart
June 18, 2003
27 Housing Zones
New Frontiers boxart
June 22, 2004
13 Zones
Keep Models
Catacombs boxart
Dec 7, 2004
5 New Classes
3 New Cities
14 New Zones
60 New Dungeons
Darkness Rising boxart
Oct 11, 2005 (US)
Feb 1, 2006 (EU)
Champion Levels
Labrynth of the Minotaur boxart
Nov 5, 2006 (US)
Feb 14, 2007 (EU)
1 Dungeon
1 Class
1 Race

Small & Free Expansions

  • New Towns: Added new art work for the classic zone towns and some world objects.
  • Tutorial: Added a tutorial to the game.

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