Quest Start: Mayor Remson
Quest Finish: George the Foreman
Related NPC's: Edward the Horse Trainer
Leads To: Bad Moon Rising

Quest TextEdit


Provide protection for the shipment going to New Avalon. (Checkpoints of recent bandit activity will be marked on your overview map.) (/Follow can be used to stay close to the shipment.)


Good show citizen! You got rid of that crate in short order!

You know, you don't need to be doing this small time stuff; I have some real work for a formidable *class* like you!

Did you know I'm the head of the merchant' guild? We shop supplies out to New Avalon and they ship us crystals. Two weeks ago, one of our ships sank mysteriously in the night at the pier in New Avalon and now we can't use the pier. We started to send shipments by wagon but they keep getting ambushed by bandits!

If you want to help us out, go and see Edward at the stables and take him this note so he will know I sent you.

Speak with Edward about the supply shipment

Edward the Horse Trainer says, "Hail, *class*. Are ye the one sent by tha Lord Mayor? it appears the shipment is already on it's way. If you check back in a few minutes, I'm sure we'll have another shipment ready to go. Check back soon."

Edward the Horse Trainer says, "Hail, *class*. Are ye the one sent by tha Lord Mayor? All right then! Let me know when ye be [ready] and I will have the packmater ready the horse! (Click the word when you are ready)"

Edward the Horse Trainer says, "All right then! The packmaster is making the final preparations, *class*. It may take a minute but he's givin' it all he's got! The foreman in New Avalon will pay ye when ye arrive for your good work! (Stay near the wagon at checkpoints for credit."

Escort the supply caravan to checkpoint 1 Escort the supply caravan to checkpoint 2 Escort the supply caravan to checkpoint 3 Escort the supply caravan to checkpoint 4

Report to the foreman in New Avalon

Thank the Lord you have arrived! We hadn't gotten supplies in two weeks! I told Martin that if something didn't arrive soon, I was going to have to go rob the bandits!

Well, here's your pay and a nice gem you can wear. Enjoy your stay in New Avalon!


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