Caer Sidi map
Realm: Albion
Expansion: Shrouded Isles

Straddling the lines that connect our world with Annwn, Caer Sidi is prison to countless restless souls, souls trapped there until the day when Apocalypse brings his wrath down upon the land of the living.


Caer Sidi (or Caer Siddi or Caer Sidydd) is the name of a legendary otherworld fortress mentioned in two Middle Welsh mythological poems in the Book of Taliesin.

The precise meaning of the name 'Sidi' in Caer Sidi is problematic (caer means "fort", "fortress", "stronghold"). One possible meaning of Caer Sidi is the 'turning fortress', but it is more likely to mean the 'Fortress of the Zodiac', as sidydd means "Zodiac" in modern Welsh.


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