Basic Axes Edit

200s.png hand axe151189
200s.png hand axe11510061580
216s.png war axe5563180
216s.png war axe15510683180
216s.png spiked axe75264226
216s.png spiked axe17512694000
200s.png double bladed axe95465274

Basic Hammers Edit

210s.png small hammer151189
210s.png small hammer11510061580
211s.png war hammer5563180
211s.png war hammer15510683180
210s.png pick hammer75264244
210s.png pick hammer17512694300
210s.png battle hammer95465303

Basic Hand-to-Hand Edit

233s.png moon fang1511105
233s.png moon fang11510061860
233s.png bladed moon fang5563164
233s.png bladed moon fang15510682900
233s.png fang greave1511105
233s.png fang greave11510061860
233s.png bladed fang greave5563164
233s.png bladed fang greave15510682900

Basic Spears Edit

207s.png spear1511116
207s.png spear11510062120
220s.png trident5563172
220s.png trident15510683100
207s.png lugged spear75264236
207s.png lugged spear17512694220
221s.png great spear95465308

Basic Swords Edit

202s.png dagger151189
202s.png dagger11510061580
202s.png broadsword5563174
202s.png broadsword15510683060
202s.png long sword75264230
202s.png long sword17512694040
203s.png bastard sword95465278

Basic Cloth Armor Edit

128s.png padded cap301260
128s.png padded cap13010051200
120s.png padded pants6516260
120s.png padded pants16511651200
104s.png padded vest95462100

Basic Leather Armor Edit

100s.png leather cap301240
100s.png leather cap1301005800
121s.png leather leggings6516240
121s.png leather leggings1651165800
105s.png leather jerkin9546266

Basic Studded Armor Edit

129s.png studded helm301264
129s.png studded helm13010051220
166s.png studded leggings6516264
166s.png studded leggings16511651220
161s.png studded jerkin95462105

Basic Chain Armor Edit

101s.png chain helm3012112
101s.png chain helm13010052060
122s.png chain leggings65162112
122s.png chain leggings16511652060
108s.png chain hauberk954621440

Basic Fletching Edit

235s.png blunt arrows10105
235s.png bodkin arrows11061027
224s.png composite bow151580
224s.png composite bow115100101600
209s.png staff4011110
209s.png staff14010062120
224s.png great composite bow65165108
224s.png great composite bow165116102160

Basic Spellcrafting Edit

151s.png Fiery Essence Jewel1810160
151s.png Fiery Essence Jewel1181000920
152s.png Earthen Essence Jewel2110160
152s.png Earthen Essence Jewel1211000920
156s.png Vapor Essence Jewel1510160
156s.png Vapor Essence Jewel1151000920
157s.png Airy Essence Jewel1210160
157s.png Airy Essence Jewel1121000920
155s.png Watery Essence Jewel910160
155s.png Watery Essence Jewel1091000920
158s.png Dusty Essence Jewel610160
158s.png Dusty Essence Jewel1061000920
156s.png Icy Essence Jewel110160
156s.png Icy Essence Jewel1011000920
150s.png Blood Essence Jewel3510160
150s.png Blood Essence Jewel1351000920
154s.png Mystical Essence Jewel67180160
154s.png Mystical Essence Jewel1671180920
155s.png Ice Rune5010160
158s.png Dust Rune75260160
150s.png Heat Rune90410160
156s.png Vapor Rune99500160
158s.png Ashen Rune99500160

Basic Alchemy Edit

2256s.png minor lethal poison01111
2259s.png minor weakening poison81217
2258s.png minor imbalancing poison161322
2257s.png minor infectious serum241430
2256s.png lesser lethal poison321539
2259s.png lesser weakening poison8839652
2258s.png lesser imbalancing poison9647896
2256s.png lethal poison10410010175
2259s.png major weakening poison11210011204
2258s.png major imbalancing poison12010013272
2256s.png major lethal poison14410015366
2257s.png lesser infectious serum15210316424
2259s.png greater weakening poison16011117492
2258s.png greater imbalancing poison16811918572
2256s.png greater lethal poison17612720770

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